Faculty-Student Research Learning Communities

The Faculty-Student Research Learning Community (RLC) initiative was developed by Tracylee Clarke and Kaia Tollefson. Faculty whose proposals are funded work with a small group of students in summer months, teaching research skills and working with students on a specific project. Faculty are asked to identify and invite students who show great potential for success at the postbac level, but who may not yet have learned to see themselves in that way or been recognized for their potential. Students present research posters at an annual RLC banquet, which families are invited to attend.

19 faculty and 65 students have participated in Summer RLCs since Summer 2012.

RLC 2012 Group PhotoRLC 2012IMG_9534RLC 2013

RLC2014RLC 2014

RLC 2015 Banquet: September 18, 6-8pm